G5 Infra is a professional service provider with an aim to providing a complete range of world-class integrated Facility Management Services, in major business sectors.

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G5infra Facility Services deliver building services maintenance regimes for commercial and residential buildings, managing both critical and non-critical building infrastructure systems, ensuring that operational risks are reasonably mitigated in order to adequately protect the operational, environmental, media, and financial interests.

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Facility Management

G5 Infra Facility offers a complete facilities management service, from property consultancy to day-to-day operations.

Every project benefits from our expertise, distinctive management approach and our consideration of the broader property implications for our clients.

We care about your facilities management needs, while your company can focus on its core business.

G5 infra offers a comprehensive range of facilities management services.

Our facilities management team provides comprehensive hard and soft facilities management services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate throughout Bangalore. We also provide capital project planning and management to our clients.

Our soft facilities management services aims to improve the environment by increasing comfort and security. There are many services that falls into this category, such as:

Our hard facilities management services involve the maintenance of physical properties that are necessary for key business functions to be completed. Examples of these services include maintenance of:

We ensure that the premises and tenants are safe

When it comes to property spaces, whether commercial or industrial, there are a great number of codes and regulations that must be followed. As facility managers, we are aware of and experienced in these regulations, and will bring that expertise to your space. We will ensure that all equipment is functioning safely, that scheduled care and upkeep is followed through with, that all surfaces and systems are prepared for weather, and more.

We maintain top efficiency in property systems and services

We understand that the importance of facilities management extends beyond just ensuring the day-to-day, and that our facility management professionals will facilitate maintenance and upkeep for your property. G5 Infra is among the professionals that offer maintenance management, which means that your facility management services will include preventative maintenance of your systems. This will keep your equipment operating at top efficiency and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

We minimize the cost of running a space

As G5 Infra offers comprehensive facility management services, we ensure all the running of day-to-day activities, such as lawn maintenance, property maintenance etc. are all handled by our team of professionals. By removing overlap and redundant services, we strive to provide quality facility management whilst ensuring your bottom line will reflect this new efficiency.

We streamline responsibilities with tailored solutions

As facilities management is not a “one-size-fits-all” industry, we offer a service that takes your needs and goals into account with client oriented facility management solutions. We ensure you are involved in the creation of an overall facility management plan that is catered to your property and budget.

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