G5infra offers a comprehensive range of civil engineering construction services.

We have extensive experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of both man-made and naturally built environments. These include public works, such as roads, bridges, sewerage systems, and pipelines.

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Earth Works
Road Construction
Pipeline Construction
Building Services
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Earth Works

Our earthworks are intended to improve the utility and sustainability of the processes associated with a variety of surfaces and materials. We are capable of processing large quantities of soil and rock as well as working on the environments surrounding roads, railway beds, causeways, dams, levees, canals and beams. These include configuring the topography of building sites and the stabilising of slopes through our high-tech land grading system.

Road Construction

G5infra has a rich history of building, rebuilding, and improving roads in the public sector as well as some private developments. Our road construction is known for being trustworthy and cost-effective where we are reliably increasing transportation mobility and vehicle safety while reducing vehicle service costs.

Civil Work

  • All type of wall construction.
  • Plastering Work.
  • Road Concreting & Road Patch Work.
  • Asphalting road work.
  • Granite replacement & Laying work.
  • Drive way Granite laying work.
  • Footpath Repair work.
  • Paver Block Laying and re-levelling work.
  • Flooring work new & Old like, Granite, ceramic, vitrified, wooden, and concrete.
  • Toilet renovation & Plumbing work.
  • CIVIL O&M.

Water Proofing Work

  • Wall Dampness, paint flakes rectification.
  • Retaining wall water proofing & chemical Grouting work.
  • Drain & Platform Water Proofing Work.
  • FRP Coating Work.
  • Epoxy Coating Work.
  • CPVC & PVC pipeline leakage arresting.

Civil Support

  • Debris Transportation & Disposal.

Pipeline Construction (Bulk Water and Sewerage)

We offer versatile construction services for large pipeline services that are most commonly used for the conveyance of potable water and sewage. Our pipeline systems are built for long-lasting performance, to improve the standard of living for all those with access to them and advance the delivery quality of the companies involved.

Building Services

G5infra afford industry-leading building and renovation services to all types of developments. We serve both public and private clients in whatever their building needs at home, at the office, or somewhere bigger. Our brilliant construction teams have been erecting client-oriented dream spaces for our many clients over many years.


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