Door Window Marble Crystallization

Marble floor crystallization, also known as verification, is a method of floor polishing that involves creating a gloss. This can be done on other calcium-based floors such as limestone, and travertine. Crystallization technique has been around for a long time and so has the technology improved over time with the newest and greatest machines and chemicals.

Floor crystallization and marble polishing Service helps to achieve their highest gloss which cannot be achieved by ordinary cleaning or polishing. It gives a very high sheen to the floors (marble, limestone, and travertine). Crystallization protects the floor by preserving its color and sheen. It can be done only on indoor floors of commercial and residential buildings, and public buildings such as malls, hotels, etc.

Floor crystallization Service always gives the best result when compared to other methods of floor polishing. Crystallization also reduces maintenance costs and dust and dirt cannot adhere to the surface of a crystallized floor. It also hardens the floor material such as marble, limestone, and travertine thus making it scuff and stain-resistant.

G5 Infra Facilities Management, one of the leading service providers offers Floor crystallization and marble polishing services to our customers in India. It is most commonly used on marble flooring and is highly recommended for busy floors. We have an outstanding reputation among other marble polishing companies for the high quality of service we offer to our customers.


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