Door Window Repairs & Replacement

Have creaking doors and broken windows at your residential or commercial buildings? Look no further, let Delight International Facilities Management help you with replacing/repairing damaged doors and windows efficiently and quickly. We offer home window repair as well as home window replacement. Also, we effectively perform commercial window repair and residential window repair in the India.
Windows and doors are mostly two types. Single-glazed glass windows and doors and double-glazed glass windows and doors. Both of these windows or door types may be regular windows or insulated glass windows. Window and door repair or replacements can be done for several reasons. Sometimes windows can get foggy after a long period. Also, the seal around the windows or doors is damaged over time. Single glazed windows and doors are mostly found in old homes. Window screen replacement/ window glass repair are other services offered by us.
Sometimes even when the windows and doors appear undamaged, this may not be the case. With time windows and doors age. Sometimes this aging loosens the seals around the windows and doors. The effect of this can be seen particularly during summers and winters as the loosened seals let in heat during the summer season and let out heat during the winter season. This increases your cooling and heating electricity bills and also causes damage to the AC units and Heating units over time. Timely maintenance on your doors and window can prevent this and avoid temperature fluctuations and keep your home or office comfortable.
Maintenance might at times also be required on doors and window frames. Over time due to temperature fluctuations, the matter expands and contracts, and as a result fitting frames around the doors and windows no longer fit. As a result, the doors and windows no longer can close or open properly as they do not fit in properly with the frame.

We provide maintenance service for windows, doors, shower doors, table or desktops, storefronts, curtain walls, picture or poster frames, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, cabinet doors, furniture glass, shelves, etc. Experience the Quality Door Window Repair & Replacement Service in Abu Dhabi across India.


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