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G5 Infra Facility, the prime electrical service provider in Bangalore, has been in the business since 2019. We are accredited for the quality of service.

Supply, installation, testing electrical systems is a principal activity in the facilities management industry. We provide electrical works (electrical problem solving, electrical faults and electrical troubleshooting) in India and Bangalore in all areas of electrical works and across domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Installation and maintenance of your electrical systems are essential to keep your electrical appliances functional and undamaged due to electrical shorts, over-voltage, under-voltage issues, etc. Also, there are risks of fire due to electrical shorts. Periodical check-ups of your electrical system are essential even before issues start showing themselves up. Completing all checklists during proactive check-ups and doing proactive maintenance on your Electrical wiring and systems is essential in preventing damages caused by electrical issues, and most importantly electrical fires.
But do not worry we specialise in the design and installation of electrical systems and doing periodic, contractual and emergency maintenance of your residential or commercial electrical systems. We never compromise on the quality of the products, equipment used and most importantly the design so that it remains safe, serviceable and reliable year on year.

Being the leading electrical contracting company in Bangalore and India, G5 Infra Facility has built the business around understanding our customer’s requirements and expectations. And we have become one of the best electrical work service providers in India and Bangalore by providing quality services and guarantee in all our electrical works and solutions. From residential to commercial sectors to industries, our quality always shows in our finished electrical works. Because we treat every electrical project with the same importance and follow the quality management procedures. Our experienced electrical engineers, qualified technicians, and project managers ensure that every electrical project or work is completed successfully and our customer service and operations executives help you breeze through your electrical works.

We believe strongly that customer satisfaction has been etched in each of our foundation stones. We owe the success to our customers who put their confidence and trust in us and also to our knowledgeable engineers, technicians, project managers, and office executives.

Our confidence to design, install, commission, and maintain any electrical systems come from our highly qualified team of electrical engineers, project managers and technicians, and our hard-working office executives.


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