Operations Takeover

Let us handle your treatment plant!
The stable performance of your installation can be guaranteed by G5 Infra’s on-site operators, managers and maintenance technicians. Your operating and management teams will have direct access to knowledge and proven technologies, with G5 Infra experts and engineers.
Daily plant troubleshooting allows for immediate action to prevent effluent quality deteriorations and/or potential equipment damage.

Continuous plant monitoring and process adjustments contribute to stable biological process performance and the optimization of overall operating costs.

  • Environmental Audit report.
  • Submission of Form 4.
  • Annual PCB Returns.
  • Ambient Air & Water Test Reports.
  • Stack Monitoring Reports.
  • KSPCB Air & Water Consent, CFE, CFO and renewal work.
  • STP, ETP & WTP Consultation Work.
  • Hazardous Waste Consent Work.
  • Helps in Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures and agreements with authorized agencies.