When it comes to facility maintenance, preventive or statutory, our professionals will be by your side to offer services of a compliant, consistent, and impeccable standard. Be it to restore wall painting or fix plumbing for your building assets, G5 infra Facility Services is here to provide these services to our valued customers.


We are committed to delivering better outcomes and we do this by listening to what our customers have to say. Our D3 model, Discover, Design, Deliver, encourages a collaborative approach, ensuring we design bespoke innovative service solutions.

Our T4 model, Task, Tool, Time, Total, encourages us to deliver a valued service as fast as possible with the right results the first time.


Understanding the task at hand, we can assess what capability is required and the right people to assign to the work to ensure successful delivery.

Upon understanding the task and what is required, we then start to identify the correct tools, processes and systems that need to be used to ensure the task is delivered safely and correctly.
This allows us to manage your expectations on the delivery of the works. By understanding the task at hand, we can plan the amount of time required to complete the works. This may mean bundling works together for efficient use of resources and time. This ensures the amount of downtime is kept at a minimums o as not to disrupt our customers’ operations.
Having a clear understanding of the Task, Tool and Time, allows us to provide a cost-effective service.
Never worry about fading, peeling or cracked paintwork ever again!
At g5infra, we offer tailored painting solutions designed to keep your building looking polished and well-presented.Whether it is a large-scale paint project or a minor touch-up assignment, our specialised team of painting experts will provide a quality result at all times.
We also pay significant attention to keeping your building assets maintained over the years with our preventive maintenance programs. We aim to protect your building assets to ultimately reduce the need for whole repainting jobs or expensive repairs. Our specialists will assess your assets to let you prepare for your maintenance expenses well in advance.
With the safety of our customers and employees in mind, we aim towards minimal disruption of your property. Understanding the harmful effects of paint fumes, our professionals will use environmentally friendly low VOC paints only where the job necessitates it.
The safety and function of a facility heavily depend on the quality of property maintenance.

With a team of qualified, experienced tradespeople, we can provide preventative maintenance plans with a view to protecting and prolonging the lifecycle of your assets. Our maintenance services protect your assets today and will ensure their upkeep and longevity. We also provide comprehensive and ad-hoc fix-on-fail property maintenance services, which are designed in adherence to strict industry regulations and standards.:

You can hire our handyman services for:

  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Carpet, Grouting, Tile
  • Glass and Glazing

We ensure minimal disruption of your business processes by working around timings that are best suited for you. With the motto “do it right the first time” at heart, our professionals are dedicated to generating exceptional results through hard work and determination.

If you wish to give your office space a complete makeover, our professionals are here to help.

From installing a partition for more space to reconfiguring your workplace for better usability, we will deliver the results you desire.

In order to offer the best fitout solution, our team will work to understand your needs and oversee the fitout project from beginning to end.

Our professionals will ensure minimal disruption to your business operations by working at times best suited to you. With safety at the heart of our services, our qualified tradespeople will present correct licenses and adhere to specific industry regulations and standards.

Be it renovating your current office or moving to better office space, our experts will be there to help clear your space safely and professionally.

Our specialised defit team will make necessary clearing arrangements for your interiors by removing fittings and fixtures, including false ceiling, partitions, signage, cabinetry, light fixtures, and shelving while ensuring that the other interior elements are intact. Whether you are a small enterprise or a big multinational, our team will cater to all your de-fitting needs.

Keeping the safety of our team and customers in mind, our professionals are trained to use the right tools to get the job done efficiently and safely.


We welcome and celebrate different perspectives to help our firm, our clients and our people.

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