Tree / Arborist Services in Bangalore

Looking for an arborist for cutting down trees or for the stump removal on your property? Find the right tree surgeon on G5 infra! Our tree removal service will take care of any unwanted, decaying or oversized and dangerous trees in your garden. Fully trained professionals will attend to the problem, complete with tools and machinery, at the click of a button. All you have to do is download the free G5 infra app for Android and iOS and book a tree specialist to come to your home at a day and time convenient to you.

Trees need to be pruned, cut or removed for various reasons – from wanting to create space in your garden to removing a tree whose roots are dangerously close to the foundation of your house, or trimming the branches of one that are pushing into the walls of your property. These are delicate situations that should be handled with the required diligence – call in the pros at G5 Infra to advise you of the correct course of action. After all, cutting down a big tree is a complicated matter – you need to start with trimming the branches at the top, move on to cutting the trunk into pieces, and then dig around the base to loosen the roots and then extract the stump. The size, condition and location of the tree are also very important factors that must be considered while cutting down trees.

This is where the expertise of professional tree surgeons comes in – tree removal is not just about getting rid of the tree, it is also about making sure that there is no collateral damage to your home and the property surrounding it. Since this is a survey-based service, our team will be happy to visit the site and suggest a course of action as well as the costs involved before carrying out the procedure, free of cost. Very often, oversized or decaying trees may pose a threat to your house and property, especially after a storm or any other weather-related event. In such cases, G5 Infra recognizes the urgency of the situation and offers Emergency and Same Day services for immediate resolution of the problem.

In our Emergency service, a team will arrive to cut, trim or grind the tree within two hours of you placing a booking with us, at an extra cost. Same Day services will have someone at your home for tree cutting by 6 PM that day, provided you made the request between 8 AM and 12 PM that day.


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