Water Tank Cleaning Services

Have you ever considered the possibility of contamination that occurs in the water stored in overhead water tanks? And when was the last time your water tank was given a thorough cleaning? Keep reading to know more about the importance of water tank cleaning and why you should hire a professional water tank cleaning agency for doing the same.

We prefer filtered water for drinking purposes and regular water for other domestic purposes such as brushing, bathing, washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. But, are you sure the water you use is as clean as you think it would be? The notion of how badly the contaminated water can affect both kids’ as well as adults’ health might surprise you and will definitely give you a chance to ponder the thought a bit.

Stagnant and low circulation water is a potential breeding ground for many bacterias and viruses such as E- Colli, Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, and other water parasites such as Giardiasis, Hookworm, Cryptosporidium, etc. which cause severe water-borne diseases.

In case hard water is supplied and stored in the water tank constantly, the sedimentation in the water will be high. Prolonged accumulation of sediments degrades water quality and causes deterioration to plumbing and water appliances. It clogs the entire water system and reduces the flow of water. Moreover, the presence of sediments makes the water cloudy and it is unhealthy and unhygienic to consume this.

Hence it is highly recommended to clean water tanks thoroughly twice or thrice a year to keep these disease-causing bacterias at bay and to remove sediments from the water.

It is important to get professional help for cleaning water tanks. They have experienced and expert professionals on board and they get the cleaning done effectively in no time by adhering to strict hygienic regimes.

Water Tank Cleaning Services in India
G5 infra Facilities Management offers the best water tank cleaning services all across the India Professional and high functional tools such as high-pressure water jet, commercial vacuum cleaner, steamer, scrubber, etc. are used to thoroughly clean the entire water tank and ensure the safety and efficacy of the service.


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